Saturday, May 7, 2011

In the beginning..

Hello!  I decided that since I am embarking on an interesting summer adventure I should try my hand at this whole "blogging" thing.  Thanks to Ashley at work (who offered the title, as well as much blog enthusiasm), "Color me Colorado" will be where you guys can go to see what kind of stuff I'm getting in to!

Just a little background- I'm sure most of you already know the events that have occurred in my little life over the past few months and have landed me where I am now...however I will offer the updated/latest and greatest to get started with my first post!

As you probably know, I was originally planning to drive out to Colorado on May 11 with my mom to make it to Boulder in time to spend a night or two with Ross and Lucy, and then hit the C Lazy U Ranch by Sunday May 15.  3 weeks before I was scheduled to leave, I was "unhired" (as I like to call it).  The ranch apparently did not have as busy a schedule as they were anticipating and were having to cut staff.  I was upset at first, considering I was already planning to move out of my house, had quit my job, and was obviously really excited...but I got over it and began a new summer plan.  Much to my parents dismay, I was set on not continuing to work at Eye Care Associates, and booked a plane ticket to Denver to enjoy a few weeks of unemployed fun in Boulder with friends.  I was a little stressed considering I was going to be living off my savings, and who knows when I would have found a job.

Then, out of no where, I heard from another ranch.  The manager at The Home Ranch is the brother of the man who originally hired me at C Lazy U.  Apparently the Home Ranch needed more staff, and since they knew C Lazy U was telling people not to come, he called to ask for some info.. and luckily I was passed along!  The Home Ranch seems just as great, if not better then C Lazy U.  It's on a smaller scale, they probably have less then half the guests from week to week, and half the number of staff.  And it's located near Steamboat Springs, which to me seems like a cooler/prettier area. 

Anyways, I was a little stressed out/upset with all the back and forth.. But I decided that I really want to work there for the summer and that I can't pass up the opportunity.  So now I am back to being excited about it and can't wait to get out there.  This even works out better, I will still be able to make PaPa Pauls 102nd birthday fiesta at Granny's house...and I am still planning to fly to Denver on May 21 and spend a week or so in Boulder with Ross and Lucy before heading to the Ranch in time to start my "Horse Yoga" training.  Whatever that is, can't wait to find out. 

So, hopefully you all are updated, and hopefully I will be able to post cool pictures and descriptions to keep you tuned in!

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  1. We'll Alli I'll miss most of all your sarcasm. But I am glad we have had the opportunity to work together. Good Luck with all that your travels bring, enjoy them to the fullest.

  2. Yes I'm famous! I made the blog! Woo hoo! We'll miss you but can't wait to read about all the fun and adventures you'll have. Take lots of pictures so we can all live vicariously through you!