Sunday, June 19, 2011

So I ran in the Bolder Boulder 10k on Memorial day...I somehow not only managed to survive but I actually ran the whole thing!  I'm very impressed with myself because I'm pretty sure I've never run 6 consecutive miles before in my life.  It was really fun, they had bands and street performers along the roads the whole way.  They also handed out beer, cupcakes, marshmellows etc to all the runners and walkers!  Not to mentioned I hit a slip n slide and a sprinkler or two along the way, and still managed to finish in about 62 minutes!  I heard the Bolder Boulder is the 3rd biggest race in the country.  It had some 60,000 plus people participating.

The rest of the week in Boulder we just hung out and relaxed, and finished our painting job. We made a trip to Shepler's western wear to find some more cowboy clothes.  I saw some cute little prairie dogs on the way, they were everywhere!
 On Friday Ross, Lucy, Thor and I packed up and started our journey North.  We went to Arapahoe Basin and snowboarded on our way to Steamboat.  Can you believe there's still enough snow to snowboard and ski in June!  It was pretty fun, a lot different and a lot more tiring then East Coast snowboarding.

We had a stranger take our picture, but then he seemed to want to hang out so we had to get rid of him.

After snowboarding we went on to Steamboat to spend the weekend.  We explored downtown and ate at some cute restaurants.  My favorite was the Creekside Cafe where we ate breakfast on Sunday.

After breakfast we headed out to the ranch.  It only took about 25 minutes to get from Steamboat to Clark where the Home Ranch is.  Here's some pretty scenery along the way

This is the Clark Store, which is probably the only store in Clark.  It doubles as our post office, library, and liquor store!

 We got to the ranch around 3:00 and I met all my roommates and neighbors and got unpacked and settled.  Everyone is really nice.  I live in the "Minnesota" house in "the ghetto." There are currently 4 of us but we are expecting a 5th sometime next week.  There are also 4 one room cabins and another cabin with 3 (soon to be 4) girls.  The other area of staff housing is called "up-town" and is on the other side of the ranch from us.  
the river behind our house...all of the rivers are really high right now because there's apparently a lot of snow melting really fast.  Lots of floods!

The back of our house!

My room!  I'm on the top bunk.

Living room

We do a lot of swing dancing (I try)

Some pics of the ranch.

this is Checks, one of our favorite wrangler horses.

Ok computer's dying, I'll write more about what I've been doing later..enjoy the pics :)